BSFSlitter: One Step Ahead for Lithium Ion Batteries

The new generation of battery separator film processing. Tailor-made, solution-oriented, quality- and future-oriented.

KAMPF offers a comprehensive machine portfolio for the manufacturing process of battery separators to meet the increasing demands of the highly innovative lithium-ion battery industry. Reliable non-stop winders, highly efficient primary and secondary slitters produce worldwide according to high quality standards and are the benchmark for success. Together with our strong network of industrial partners, research institutes and process engineering expertise, we drive the development of these sophisticated technologies. 

KAMPF’s own technology center with individual machine equipment enables professional material tests.


You produce high-quality Battery Separator Films for LIB production for a promising, emerging and highly competitive market. You need to increase your production throughput, roll quality and yield.

KAMPF’s new generation of BSF slitting machines was developed to significantly improve the comprehensive processing and safety aspects of this complex key component of LIBs.

KAMPF uses its more than 10 years of experience in slitting and winding all types of Battery Separator films to develop efficient, productive, and compact world leading primary slitting machines.

  • Remarkably compact with ultra-short web paths

  • Optimal web handling and state-of-the-art digital tension control

  • Most modern slitting technologies under consideration of highest quality aspects

  • Advanced web control for each finished roll (geometry/pull/nip/torque)

  • Intelligent design details for clean and hygienic production conditions

Technical Data

BSFSlitterMaterial: BSF- Battery Separator Film (WET – processed PE)
Material thickness: 5 – 20 µm
Material width: 3.500 – 6.000 mm
Original roll diameter: max. 700 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 450 mm
Finished roll weight: max. 50 kg
Slitting system: blade cut, scissor cut
Slitting widths: 350 – 1.200 mm
Winding cores: 6″-, 8″, 10″ I.D.
Speed: max. 200 m/min

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