Processing. Unlimited

Coating or printing, laminating or embossing. The integration of a wide range of process modules such as drier, corona and inspection systems.

No matter whether we design a complete plant together with you or only a module is concerned: We always aim at developing the ideal machine for your process. For us, Special Machine Manufacturing is more than just a buzzword.

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Coating machines

Are you planning a new coating machine for your company? Do you want to install a new coating unit into your existing machine?

Laminating plants

Do you want to laminate two or more individual webs together to form one web? Whether lamination or triple lamination: We have experience...

Embossing units

Do you want to emboss patterns in films or polish them? Do you want to reduce the final layer thickness of a film or a composite film? 


Do you need special equipment? Depending on your needs, we integrate components into your machine or plan your new machine together...